We have chosen the word “journey” here, but we acknowledge that each of us will have our own preferred term to describe our personal experiences.

Our Vision

Wellwood will share the wisdom gathered from the experience of those who live and work with cancer to ease the journey for all.

Our Values

Wellwood will uphold the following values in all its relationships and activities:


Practicing social and ethical principles to do good and to do no harm. We foster compassion, kindness, honesty, integrity and respect;

Empowering the client to direct their own journey in a compassionate and safe environment;

No cost programs and services that meet the expressed needs of the individual;

Volunteer-delivered programs and services;

Equality and inclusivity to ensure that all people have access to the services of Wellwood without discrimination, respecting age, race, religion, financial status, gender, physical ability and sexual orientation;

Quality and integrity of ethically-sound and evidence-informed programs through mechanisms to include client feedback, formal evaluation, current research, best practices and needs assessment;

Collaboration, cooperation and partnership with other community resources;

Supporting research into supportive care practices and interventions that will lead to more effective services;

Supporting the activities of organizations whose vision, values, goals and objectives are compatible with those of Wellwood;

Recognizing and appreciating the contribution of the people who work at Wellwood, both staff and volunteers;

Honouring the wisdom, experiences and stories of those who have been on the journey.

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