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Similar to Community Health Centres, Aboriginal Health Care Centres offer culturally appropriate primary care to Aboriginal families and individuals.

Based in Hamilton, CAP provides rides to medical appointments and loan of equipment.

National center regarding complementary and alternative medicine, alerts, and advisories.

This organization provides free respite for cancer patients at a cottage suited to their needs. Cottage owners are recruited and screened for potential matches with participants.

This center provides primary health care, education, and advocacy to those individuals who face barriers to improving their health and well being.

Hearth Place, est. 1997, is a support center where cancer patients and their families can come and share their experiences, find resources, and discover new ways to care for themselves and each other.

Dedicated to helping women living with cancer manage the appearance-related side effects of cancer and its treatment.

This website will connect you with others with a common vision of working together to create a more mindful Hamilton. You’ll be able to share ideas and resources and create a community of practice to sustain you in your work.

The National LGBT Cancer Network’s mission is to improve the lives of LGBT people with cancer and those at risk.

An informative resource into the issues related to cancer and sexuality.

This database includes information and a safety rating for 79,000 products to help visitors make safer choices for healthy living. *The ratings are based on American regulations and may differ from Canada.

This American website has the latest news and updates on regulations related to safe personal products. The focus is on personal care and cosmetics. *Note – regulations in Canada may differ.

The Healing Journey is a progressive, stepwise group psychotherapy program for cancer patients interested in doing more to help themselves, as an addition to conventional medical treatment.

Wellspring is a network of centers in Toronto, Halton-Peel, London and Niagara that provide emotional and psychological support, free of charge, to individuals and families living with cancer.

YWCAencore is a FREE exercise program designed specifically for women who have experienced mastectomy, lumpectomy or breast reconstruction surgery at any time in their lives. Based around floor and pool exercises and relaxation techniques, YWCAencore is safe, fun, and therapeutic.

There are ways to reduce cancer-related fatigue. Knowing how to manage cancer-related fatigue can improve your well-being and quality of life.

Bereavement support to men and women after the death of their spouse or partner. A peer-to-peer environment of hope facilitates the rebuilding of a new sense of self as an only parent. The Hummingbird Centre for Hope recognizes that young parents face extraordinary and ongoing hardships when their spouse dies, and they become the sole guardians of their families in grief.

The overall goal of the Portal is to ensure you know about and have access to high-quality information that can help you remain healthy, active and engaged as long as possible, and to manage your health conditions. The Portal aims to be a trusted voice on optimal aging for citizens, clinicians, public health professionals, and policymakers.

While we have done our best to review the resources above, please know that the contents are intended to support you but are not to be considered prescriptive or an endorsement of particular sites, companies, or individuals.

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