Wellwood Art Group

We are a small group of clients who have benefitted from Wellwood’s many programs. With grateful hearts,
we share our creativity. 100% of our sales goes to Wellwood.

The items marked with an asterisk* indicates multiple choices. Click on the image and scroll through the “gallery” to choose the item you wish.

*Click on the thumbnails below in order to view a full image of the product.

*Item #1 - Advent Calendar
Count down to Christmas one activity at a time
$20.00 each
Item #2 - Zen Gardens
To help you de-stress in your office or home
$15.00 each
*Items #5-6 - Book in a Can
Add your own text; in black or grey paper
$6.00 each
*Items #7-13 - Zentangle Decorations
One of a Kind
$5.00 each
Item #14 - Handmade Wooden Buttons
6 Buttons in a package
$5.00 each
Item #15 - Gift Card Bags
An assortment of beautiful papers
$2.50 each
Item #16 - Gift Card Envelopes
An assortment of beautiful papers
$1.50 each
Item #17 - Upcycled Gift Bags
Approx. Size W5”-7” x H9”-11”
$2.00 each
*Item #18 - Upcycled Wine Bags
Approx. Size: W5.5"x H15" Wine not included 🙂
$2.00 each
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