Cancer is heavy. At Wellwood, the weight is lifted.

No cost cancer support programs in Hamilton, Ontario

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Relax, move, create, learn, and support one another

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Latest Updates:

From our Wellwood staff fam, we wish you a relaxing and happy Family Day! #familywechoose

*Side note: Both sites are closed today, and will resume regular hours tomorrow, February 18th. ⠀

art credit: Amanda Immurs + the kids of Wellwood!

Wellwood acknowledges #HaveAHeartDay❤️ to raise awareness about increased #equity for Indigenous children. We believe that every child deserves a fair chance, to grow up with their families, have access to quality education, be healthy and to be proud of who they are.

Happy Friday #IHCFam, here is some #motivational alphabet soup for you this morning! We hope you all get to have a restful weekend. ❤️Thanks for sharing this image with us Mika! "Today's word is brought to you by alphabet soup."

#cancerthriver #fightcancer #chemo #ihadcancer

The risk of novel #coronavirus #2019nCoV remains low in Canada, even if cases have been reported here. Measures are in place to prevent the onward spread from travel-related cases.

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