Friends & Family

Tools and information to help support those caring for someone with a diagnosis.

Support for Caregivers

VON Caregiver Series

Peer groups, education series, and mindfulness and wellness programs for caregivers. To learn more or to register, please contact Dana Simpson or call 905-523-1055 extension 408.

Information & Resources

Canadian Cancer Society – Caregiving 

This section explores the many ways caregivers can help including tips on giving comfort and emotional support, dealing with emotions, caring for yourself and ways in which caregivers can help the patient.

Ontario Caregivers Organization

Resources and information to help loved ones feel confident and successful in their role as a caregiver. Resource topics include: caring for an adult or senior, mental health, end-of-life care, young caregivers, and more.


No-cost digital personal health journals and communication tools for families to relay health information and updates in a private and confidential way.

Shine Through the Rain – Wig/Hair Donations

This site provides a list of organizations that are accepting wig and hair donations.

Take Them A Meal

Online meal sign ups, and recipes to support your loved ones.

While we have done our best to review the resources above, please know that the contents are intended to support you but are not to be considered prescriptive or an endorsement of particular sites, companies, or individuals.