Self Care

Coping skills to meet you where you are.

We've expanded our self-care section to help you during these anxious times.

Exercise & Movement

A fun way to help manage upper extremity lymphedema.

Gentle chair yoga exercises for people with cancer. Presented by Moffitt Cancer Centre.

Yoga poses for people in or after cancer treatment. Presented by CT Challenge.

This sequence of gentle modified postures brings the spine through its full range of movement.  Presented by Sighle McDonnell.

A gentle easy to follow yoga session suitable for anyone in recovering from chemotherapy. Presented by Sighle McDonnell

Creative Expression

Tips and techniques to help you to keep busy and practice your artistic skills!

Free, online collection of Canadian films and documentaries.

An online collection of art from around the world.

Exhibitions, collections and workshops to enjoy at home.

Livestream, online performances and events from Canadian musicians. Presented by the National Arts Centre.

An online hub of art magazines, historical archives and video tips and tutorials.

Meditation & Relaxation

Relaxation scripts, visualization audio and other coping skill resources.

Online resources and music to manage stress, improve sleep and generate a sense of calmness.

Helping you to manage fear and reduce stress in a time of anxiety and crisis. Presented by Parmjit Singh, Ph.D.

Designed to bring you peace and serenity in times of anxiety.

Based on the Jon Kabat-Zinn style mindfulness meditation practice, this is an instructional video for self-guided, stress-relief meditation. Presented by Vicky Panagotacos.

What makes you happy? Have you ever wondered why? This social experiment reminds us of the power of gratitude. Presented by The Science of Happiness.

Kids' Stuff

Jays Care Foundation is uploading new activities and challenges for kids to practice their fundamental movement skills and exercise at home.

Parental guides, numeracy, science and language resources promoted by Ontario’s Ministry of Education.

Deep breathing exercises using shapes, animals and imagination! Presented by Coping Skills for Kids

Movement and mindfulness videos for children to practice at home.

Teaching or learning at home? TED-Ed offers a wide range of interactive, video-based lessons for kids of all ages.

Simple, easy-to-follow videos to help kids doodle and draw at home. Presented by Mo Willems.

Enjoy a virtual amusement park in the comfort of your own home!

Virtual learning LIVE every Thursday, video hub and parent resources.

Live and recorded videos of children’s author, Todd Parr reading his books on Instagram.

Virtual programs posted daily, highlighting Boys and Girls Club programs such as Skate the Dream, PowerUp, Gathering Time and more!

Listen and sing-along with talented storytellers from Hamilton Public Library.

Explore the world of wonders.

Celebrate nature’s beauty and dig deeper with virtual activities with Royal Botanical Gardens.


All resources that we have provided were  free of charge when they were posted to our site. Please use caution before downloading or abiding to any terms that require fees or subscription.

While we have done our best to review the resources above, please know that the contents are intended to support you but are not to be considered prescriptive or an endorsement of particular sites, companies, or individuals.

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